What's your oral health score?

Are you at risk for cavities or gum disease? It's easy to find out. Just complete a survey about your dental health and habits, and you'll get a free oral health report you can share with your dentist.

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You'll answer a series of questions about your health history and habits. This information will help determine your risk for tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer.

When you're done, you'll get an easy-to-understand overview that you can print out and share with your dentist at your next visit. If you have any questions or concerns, your dentist can discuss the results with you in detail and develop a personalized plan to protect your dental health.

From gum disease to tooth decay, oral health problems are more common than you may think. LifeSmile Score helps identify risk factors, so you can take preventive action and avoid problems before they become serious. 

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