Keep your kids cavity-free this summer

Crazy schedules and disrupted daily routines can be fun for kids, but they can cause oral health to fall by the wayside. That’s why it’s a good time for some simple ground rules that help keep summer fun and healthy.

Kids stay up late, go to sleepovers, leave for camps and visit relatives. These can all become excuses to forget about good oral hygiene. Remind your kids to pack a toothbrush, fluoride toothpaste, floss and a retainer (if they wear one). Insist that they make taking care of their teeth a priority — in the morning and in the evening.

Ice cream, candy, fast food and more snacking than usual can easily become part of your summer rhythm. Keep an eye on your child’s diet and stock up on healthy snacks like fresh fruits and vegetables. Have water on hand to keep your kids refreshed.

Summer is also the time for swimming, biking, running and general horsing around. Mouth injuries can occur during these activities. Take precautions by wearing a mouthguard during sports and being prepared for accidents.

Finally, schedule a dental checkup before school begins.

Starting off the school year with good oral health will help ensure fewer lost school days for your child and fewer lost work days for you.

On topic with Dr. Dill

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