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10 reasons to smile

Your summer smile list

Catch the summertime smiles with these 10 must-do’s.

1. Cool off by taking a swim, or roll up your cuffs and dip your feet in!

2. Grab a friend or family member (yes, the dog counts) and make a date with the sunset in your favorite spot. 

3.  Travel to a place you’ve never been — even if it’s in your own city.

4. Dine outside with family and friends. Try serving up these delicious mini eggplant pizzas.

5. Enjoy an outdoor concert or movie.

6. Have a contest with friends to see who can build the best sandcastle.

7. Dive into a new book under a shaded tree in the park.

8. Start a pick-up softball game with your neighbors.

9. Put on some gloves and tackle a service project with friends — like cleaning your favorite park or a stretch of land you pass on your way to work.

10. Go kayaking or canoeing at a local pond, lake or river.