5 ways to wake up your morning routine

The first two hours of your morning can put you on track for a productive day, according to Duke University behavior economist Dan Ariely. That’s why it makes sense to have a set morning routine that energizes you, reduces stress and keeps you healthy.

1. Prep for success the night before.


Before you turn in for the night, you can do some tasks to prepare you for the next day. This will enable you to get off to a fast start in the morning and have extra time for yourself. Low stress levels help prevent oral health problems such as gum disease, canker sores and teeth grinding.  

Your nightly tasks could include filling up your water bottle, preparing a healthy lunch and snacks, choosing the next day’s outfit or creating a to-do list. Then get to bed on time. And be sure to get the right amount of sleep. School-age children should get nine to 12 hours of sleep, while adults should get at least seven hours.

2. Kick off your morning with movement.


To get your blood flowing after waking up, do stretching exercises for your back, arms and legs. This will warm up your muscles and relieve tension. Stretching can help you maintain good posture, which may decrease headaches and pain in your back, neck and jaw. If a 5 am workout doesn’t appeal to you, that’s OK. You can take a quick walk or do a two-minute plank to start the day off right. Join other family members and make exercising fun!.

3. Start your day with self-care.


Take a little time to calm yourself to reduce stress and preserve your mental and physical health. You can meditate for five minutes, read an inspiring poem, listen to an uplifting song or write in a journal. 

Your morning habits should include brushing your teeth for two minutes and flossing to prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Your kids can follow your lead with some creative oral health tips

4. Hydrate, and then hydrate some more!


To hydrate your body, start your morning by drinking a big glass of water en route to a daily goal of eight, 8-ounce glasses. Drinking fluoridated water is one of the best things you can do for your oral and overall health. It washes away food stuck in your teeth, replenishes saliva and helps prevent cavities.

5. Fuel your body with a healthy breakfast.


A nutrition proverb says you should “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” Starting your day with a hearty meal will give you energy, kickstart your metabolism and nourish your brain. 

Choose foods such as oats, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt and spinach, which are packed with nutrients including calcium and manganese — key elements to your oral and overall health. Prepping for a busy week ahead? Make a broccoli and red pepper frittata in advance and warm it up for a convenient meal for the whole family!

By making a few adjustments to your morning routine, you can face the day with a sense of well-being and momentum.