10 reasons to smile

Your winter smile list

Brighten up your spirits with these lively winter activities.

1. Build a snowman, and give him a giant grin! Can't find any snow? Try making a foaming snowman out of baking soda. This fun, indoor experiment lets you watch the snowman "melt."

2. Stop by your neighbors' with a tasty treat to spread good cheer.

3. Create a winter playlist with your favorite seasonal tracks.

4. Stay toasty with a hot yoga class. Don't forget to drink water!

5. Teach yourself a new trick. Learn how to yo-yo, juggle or pull cards out of thin air.

6. Make your own candy! Check out the recipe for homemade chocolate bark in this issue.

7. Visit an indoor botanical garden to enjoy some vibrant blooms.

8. Surprise a friend with an old-fashioned letter, written by hand.

9. Get out your crafts supplies and make a scrapbook.

10. Invite a friend to go ice skating.