Recipe: Refreshing blackberry-mint infused water

Water can get boring, making it tempting to reach for sugary, high-calorie drinks. Instead, try this trick: Infuse your water with fresh fruits. Surprising and slightly sweet flavors, like this recipe using blackberry and mint, will give you the flavors you crave and keep you hydrated.


A handful of blackberries (use more if you’d like!)

4 to 5 mint leaves


The antioxidants found in blackberries not only protect the body, but their antibacterial properties can also kill bacteria in your mouth.


1. Mash the blackberries using your hands, a muddler or a spoon. Add the juices to a pitcher.

2. Rub the mint leaves in your hands to release the oils. Place them in the same pitcher.

3. Add 3 to 4 cups of water to the pitcher.

4. Let the water, blackberry juice and mint infuse (a.k.a. sit and rest) for at least two hours. For full flavor, leave it in the fridge overnight.

5. Give the water a good stir. Add more blackberries or mint to taste.

6. Enjoy!

Did you know...?

Mint may be best known for improving bad breath, but it also improves brain function and digestion!