Hispanic mother (30s) with little girl (17 months) reaching for flowers.

10 reasons to smile

Your spring smile list

Get your spring on with these fun activities.

1. Reconnect with nature by planting your state’s official flower in your backyard or by decorating your home with fresh-cut flowers.

2. Take a walk and enjoy the fresh spring scents.

3. Spring clean your smile by replacing toothbrushes that are more than four months old.

4. Unplug your earbuds, throw open the windows and listen to the birds chirping.

5. Get a smile on your face and your heart rate hopping by jumping on a trampoline.

6. Spice up your routine by working out while you brush. For exercise ideas, check out our list.

7. Unlock your inner child by swinging in your neighborhood park.

8. Pick a beautiful day to visit the petting zoo with your family.

9. Sip on refreshing fruit-infused water at a picnic with friends. Check out the perfect recipe.

10. Spread smiles by texting thoughtful compliments to friends and family.