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'Tis the season for fun

10 reasons to smile this winter

Whether it’s cozying up or having an outdoor adventure, find your new favorite winter activity.

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Make a difference in someone's life

Local acts of kindness are a great way to give back.

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Seafood-stuffed mushrooms

Warm up your winter with these flavorful, vitamin-packed stuffed mushrooms.

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Are pacifiers safe for your child?

Find out what pacifiers and thumb sucking can do.

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Should you get sealants?

Find out how sealants protect against tooth decay, and if you should get them.

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Dentures are all grown up now

See how dentures have changed since your grandparents' day.

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Oral health symptoms you may notice from medications

Do not ignore dry mouth, canker sores or swollen gums when taking medicines.

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Have you heard about keto's downsides?

There are ways to limit the diet's side effects.

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Proper oral hygiene may prevent both gum disease and heart disease

Minimize heart health risks by maintaining good oral health.

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