Your guide to open enrollment

It’s fall, and that can mean only one thing. Football? Thanksgiving? No — it’s open enrollment season!

What’s open enrollment?

Open enrollment is the period when you can sign up for health benefits, including dental coverage. You might receive these benefits from your employer or through a government program, such as the Affordable Care Act.

During this time, you can add, change or cancel coverage for the next 12 months. You can also make changes to your benefits following a qualifying life event, such as a marriage, birth or adoption, or a starting a new job. Your new plans usually take effect 30 to 60 days later.

While it might seem obvious, remember that to have coverage, you have to sign up! Failure to do so could leave you without coverage — and liable for the full cost of care. Before you sign up, though, you should also decide what kind of coverage you want. You may have several plans and options to choose from. Which option works best for your and your family’s needs?

Why dental coverage?

Poor oral health has been linked to a number of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. In fact, the Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health in America describes the link between your oral health and general health as “inseparable.”

Preventive care, such as routine checkups, are covered 100% by most Delta Dental plans and can help ensure your oral health. It can prevent minor dental problems from escalating into major, costly ones. Checkups can also identify warning signs of serious health issues, such as certain cancers.

So plan for a healthy year. Choose dental coverage for your dental health — and your peace of mind.