Your fall smile list

These 10 to-do's will make you grin!


De-stress by letting your mind float aimlessly. Try a five-minute meditation under the clouds or in a cozy nook. 


Have some spare odds and ends or art supplies lying around and a little imagination? Turn your door into a silly (or scary) monster this Halloween.


Send a nice letter to your neighbors or family. Or maintain social distance and send an email. 


Roast pumpkin seeds with a bit of salt, paprika and olive oil for a deliciously crunchy snack.


Rake the leaves on your lawn (streets and sidewalks work, too). When you get a nice pile, jump on it! Hint: Dry leaves work best. No yard access? Try a comfy beanbag or a hot bubble bath. 


Start a journal. For the first entry, write down everything that you’re thankful for. 


Embrace Meatless Monday and try a rich and savory sweet potato burger. Check out the recipe.


Jump on the pumpkin spice bandwagon with a batch of creamy pumpkin mousse. Learn how easy it is.


Grab a few fall leaves and branches to create an autumn wreath. If you don’t have access to a lot of trees or spare branches, get creative with wire coat hangers and colorful tissue paper!


Give back by supporting your favorite local business. Order a healthy meal to enjoy with loved ones — or by yourself!