The value of dental insurance for your whole body

When it comes to making your money go farther, it’s easy to look at insurance as an optional luxury. Dental coverage in particular can seem unnecessary, especially if you’re consistent when it comes to brushing and flossing. But there’s more to dental insurance than being covered in case of an emergency.

Having dental coverage makes you more likely to visit the dentist

It’s true! Studies have shown that simply having dental insurance makes you more likely to visit the dentist for checkups. Having dental insurance makes you more likely to go to the dentist regularly, according to Delta Dental Plans Association's 2020 "The State of America's Oral Health Report."

More kids with coverage went to the dentist compared to those without, too.

Adults who visited the dentist in 2020

with dental coverage

without coverage

Children who visited the dentist in 2020

with dental coverage

without coverage

Having dental coverage brings peace of mind

People with dental coverage also say they experience a wide range of benefits. In “The State of America’s Oral Health Report,” over 90% of those with dental coverage say their coverage brings them:

95% peace of mind

93% lead a healthy life

91% cost savings

One of the ways that having dental insurance can help you enjoy cost savings is by making it easier to identify and treat minor issues before they become major ones. Exams and cleanings are generally covered at no or very low cost. Getting a filling for a minor cavity is much less expensive than getting a root canal and a crown!

Taking care of your teeth and gums also helps your overall health. Research has shown connections between oral health and conditions such as dementia, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, Crohn’s disease and HIV. When your dentist is examining you, he or she may be able to spot early signs of these diseases, which can help you get diagnosed and treated sooner.

Having dental insurance is great for your entire sense of well-being. Dental benefits support your overall health and help you live your healthiest life. When you’re making decisions for your future finances and well-being, make sure dental coverage is part of the equation.