Your winter smile list

10 reasons to smile

Winter is the perfect time to try out these fun activities.

Snoring affects your teeth

Don't let snoring ruin your smile.

Learn how to reverse the effects

Homemade chocolate bark

The next time you’re craving sweets, cook up a batch of this irresistible chocolate bark.

Get the recipe

Don’t retire your dental coverage

You may be ready, but is your smile prepared for retirement?

Learn how to plan for oral health in retirement

What your smile says to others

Here are three ways oral health can affect your relationships.

See how smiles can boost your social life

Why you may be cavity prone

Certain genetic and lifestyle factors could increase your cavity risk.

Find out what your genes say about your smile

Do juice cleanses make your teeth suffer?

Juicing may do more than slim your waistline.

Get the skinny on juicing

Asthma and your teeth

It's not just a lung condition. It can also put your oral health at risk.

Understand the connection

Is it wrong to wet your toothbrush?

This everyday habit may be more complex than it seems.

Learn the right approach today

The surprisingly short history of dental insurance

It wasn't until the 1950s that this popular employer-sponsored benefit came about.

Discover the origins of dental benefits

What retirement means for your teeth

As you head into retirement, don’t forget about your teeth!

Check out Dr. Dill’s top dental tips for retirees

Is that a cavity?

Here's how your dentist can tell.

Discover the tell-tale signs of decay

Scrumptious salmon

Flaky and flavorful, this satisfying salmon dish will fill you up and power you through your day.

Get the recipe

Got allergies?

It’s not just you. Your teeth can get the sniffles, too.

Find out how allergies affect your mouth

7 ideas for a healthier lunchbox

Get tips on packing a healthy, cavity-free lunch your kids will love.

Learn the secrets to a lunch makeover

Your teeth on a vegan diet

Can cutting animal products out of your diet put your dental health at risk?

Get the verdict

Craving candy?

These healthy swap-outs will satisfy your sweet tooth without risking decay.

Try these substitutions

When to get a second opinion

Sometimes it’s worth asking another dentist to weigh in on an issue.

Understand the ins and outs of second opinions

School sports: A dental guide for parents

Here are five ways you can protect your child's teeth.

Get the tips

The history of the selfie

Who took the first selfie? And where did the term "selfie" come from, anyway?

Get the scoop on selfies

5 dental tips for swimmers

How does pool water affect your teeth? And why you should tell your dentist before you go scuba diving.

Dive in

Who has worse teeth: Brits or Americans?

Which population has worse teeth?

Get the answer

6 tips for a healthy BBQ

Enjoy summer barbecues without tooth decay.

Get the tips

Watermelon, feta and mint salad

This refreshing salad will quench your thirst with a burst of flavor.

Get the recipe

When kids grind their teeth

Here's how to find out whether your kids have nighttime bruxism, a common condition that can damage children's teeth.

Understand bruxism

Should you make your own toothpaste?

What's the deal with homemade toothpaste?

Find out what's behind this trend

Are you ready for a dental emergency?

Prepare for the unexpected with a dental emergency kit.

Add these items to your kit

To drink or not to drink

The garden hose: a good source of water on a hot day?

Get the verdict

Your summer smile list

Get active this summer with these fun ideas.

Check out the list

Back to basics

What's the difference between a deductible and coinsurance?

Get the 101 on dental coverage


The truth about toothpicks

Handy tools to clean your teeth? Think again. Toothpicks can actually do more harm than good.

Watch video

What about fizz?

From seltzer to soda water, our dental experts weigh in on bubbly drinks.

Get the scoop

Plant your veggie garden

Break out the gardening gloves. Your spring gardening guide is here.

Check out our top veggies

Why walk?

Walking can boost your mood, increase your creativity and put a smile on your face.

Find out why

From canines to wisdom teeth

How many teeth do humans have? What are they all for?

Take a deep dive into the world of teeth

5 tips for a greener smile

Go zero waste with these brushing and flossing tips.

Get the tips

Not your typical bird

Get to know the dental pelican and other dental instruments from the dustbin of history.

Blast into the past

Your guide to oral cancer

The next time you open wide, keep an eye out for these warning signs.

Learn the symptoms of oral cancer

Dr. Kohn's favorite drinks

What does our resident dental expert reach for when he's thirsty?

Get the dentist's top beverage picks

Tongue curling

How many muscles does it take to curl your tongue?

Find out the answer

Spice up your breakfast

Tired of cereal? Try acai to start your morning off right.

Get the recipe

Periodontal pockets

Here's your dentist can literally measure gum disease.

Take a closer look

Your spring smile list

Try these to-do's for a bright start to spring.

Check out the activities


Meet kale

Get to know the history and health benefits of this leafy superfood.

Watch the video