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It’s summer camp time

Sending your kids to camp?

No need to worry about forgetting anything.

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Craving pizza, but not the carbs?

Mini eggplant pizzas can satisfy your cravings and your smile.   

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Busy summer ahead?

Keep your mouth and body in good health during your summertime fun.

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Dental benefits for college graduates

Graduation doesn’t have to mean losing your dental insurance.

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Helping children with clefts

Did you know clefts can affect feeding and speech development?

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A pea? A grain of rice?

What’s a good measurement for how much toothpaste to give your child? 

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One banana, two banana

What happens if you rub a piece of banana peel on your teeth every day?

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10 must-do’s this season

Summer is more than the beach and backyard barbeques.    

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Bad breath is nothing new

Our ancestors have been fighting for freshness since ancient times.   

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Can gum disease cause Alzheimer’s?

A new study highlights a possible connection.

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