We’re celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with a history lesson, health tips and more!

3 great ways to honor AAPI Heritage Month

Honor AAPI Heritage Month by learning a new language or trying this tea leaf salad recipe!

Improve your health with these AAPI traditions

Feel more confident on video calls

What tricks should you try and what should you avoid?

Discover the tricks

Will artificial intelligence revolutionize dentistry?

New advances in technology can help make you dentist smarter, faster and better than ever.

Learn more about how science and dentistry collide

Healthier snacking to protect your oral health

For every sweet, salty, crunchy or carb craving, there’s nutritious nosh to satisfy it.

Choose foods to quench unhealthy cravings

Beet hummus: An old-world approach to a healthy appetizer

Try this bright-colored, slightly sweet snack with oral health benefits.

Put beet hummus on your snack to-do-list

Whiter teeth, greener life

By making some minor tweaks to your oral health routine, you can not only improve your smile but help protect the environment. 

Learn more about creating a green routine

10 top tips to keep you busy this spring

Mix up your weekends with these fun activities.

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Mysterious pain

Elizabeth thought a trip to the dentist would resolve her pain. The truth would be more complicated.

Check out Elizabeth’s story

From softening sinew to holding bags

We humans have used our teeth as tools for a long time. From caves to condos, learn the history of this practice.

Step through the mists of time

Posture guidelines for your oral health

Poor posture causes misalignments that can lead to stress and bite problems.

Take steps to improve your posture

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