Your winter smile list

10 reasons to smile

Winter is the perfect time to try out these fun activities.

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Snoring affects your teeth

Don't let snoring ruin your smile.

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Homemade chocolate bark

The next time you’re craving sweets, cook up a batch of this irresistible chocolate bark.

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Don’t retire your dental coverage

You may be ready, but is your smile prepared for retirement?

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What your smile says to others

Here are three ways oral health can affect your relationships.

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Why you may be cavity prone

Certain genetic and lifestyle factors could increase your cavity risk.

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Do juice cleanses make your teeth suffer?

Juicing may do more than slim your waistline.

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Asthma and your teeth

It's not just a lung condition. It can also put your oral health at risk.

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Is it wrong to wet your toothbrush?

This everyday habit may be more complex than it seems.

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The surprisingly short history of dental insurance

It wasn't until the 1950s that this popular employer-sponsored benefit came about.

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What retirement means for your teeth

As you head into retirement, don’t forget about your teeth!

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