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Is it possible to reshape your jaw?

The truth about
tongue mewing

This beauty trend claims to give you a stronger, more attractive jawline, but does it really?

Virtual dentistry offers you flexibility and convenience like never before.

Go virtual

A loss or change in your sense of taste or smell ― particularly after a COVID-19 infection ― can have a serious impact on your teeth and gums.

Learn steps you can take

Find out which foods are great at helping you fend off the enemy: chronic inflammation.

Fight inflammation

From sipping coffee to watching football, find something fun to do this fall.

Get cozy

Everyone will love this no-sugar-added, gluten-free, vegan apple dessert!

Get baking
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What your astrological sign says about your smile

Do Libras smile more than Virgos?

Each sign has a unique way of smiling.

Learn why you might need your dental records and which one you might need.

Here’s how to get them

Knowing the causes can help you avoid bad breath when you wake up.

Get rid of morning breath

Every year, more than 250,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. Did you know that gum disease may contribute to your risk as well?

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What you need to know

Lyme disease can be a threat to your oral health

Just one tick bite can cause fevers, headaches, joint pain and oral health issues. Get the facts about Lyme disease before you head outside this spring.

Here are 10 great ways to enjoy spring both inside and outdoors.

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Matcha’s good, but is it good for you? Experts weigh in on the popular green tea product.

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