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'Tis the season for fun

10 reasons to smile this winter

Whether it’s cozying up or having an outdoor adventure, find your new favorite winter activity.

Check out the smile list

Make a difference in someone's life

Local acts of kindness are a great way to give back.

Check out these ways to support your community

Seafood-stuffed mushrooms

Warm up your winter with these flavorful, vitamin-packed stuffed mushrooms.

Make them now

Are pacifiers safe for your child?

Find out what pacifiers and thumb sucking can do.

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Should you get sealants?

Find out how sealants protect against tooth decay, and if you should get them.

Tell me about sealants

Dentures are all grown up now

See how dentures have changed since your grandparents' day.

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Oral health symptoms you may notice from medications

Do not ignore dry mouth, canker sores or swollen gums when taking medicines.

Check with your dentist on medication side effects

Have you heard about keto's downsides?

There are ways to limit the diet's side effects.

Get the skinny on keto

Proper oral hygiene may prevent both gum disease and heart disease

Minimize heart health risks by maintaining good oral health.

Prevent heart disease

A brief history of vitamins

Did you know vitamins weren’t discovered until 1912? The history of these nutritional must-haves is more interesting than you might think. 

See how vitamins got their start

Transplants and your oral health

What should you tell your dentist if you're getting an organ transplant?    

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Hearty vegetarian chili

Packed with veggies and flavor, this fall-inspired spin on a vegetarian favorite will warm you up and fill you up on chilly nights.

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An asana for teeth

Yoga with goats isn’t the only way this popular practice will put a smile on your face.

See what yoga can do for you

Your fall checklist

Keep the smiles coming all season long.

Find a new reason to enjoy the season

Think nail biting is harmless?

It can damage your teeth and your body.

Try these tips to break the habit

Identify your toothbrushing style

We may all brush differently, but most of us have room for improvement.

Take your technique to the next level

Get your facts (and teeth) straight

Braces are an effective treatment for misaligned teeth. But do you know the full story?

Sort braces fact from fiction

Your oral health needs can change over time

Protecting your teeth as you age can help protect your entire body.

Prep your smile for the golden years

The dangers of e-cigarettes

Even your mouth can’t hide from the consequences of vaping.

See why you should stay away

What's in a tooth?

Sometimes it’s the truth behind a grisly tale of murder.

Dive into forensic dentistry

Craving pizza, but not the carbs?

Mini eggplant pizzas can satisfy your cravings and your smile.   

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Busy summer ahead?

Keep your mouth and body in good health during your summertime fun.

Learn five ways to improve your well-being while you’re on the go

Sending your kids to camp?

No need to worry about forgetting anything.

Refer to this checklist as you pack

Helping children with clefts

Did you know clefts can affect feeding and speech development?

Learn how your child can overcome these issues

A pea? A grain of rice?

What’s a good measurement for how much toothpaste to give your child? 

Follow these guidelines to best protect little smiles

One banana, two banana

What happens if you rub a piece of banana peel on your teeth every day?

Get the story behind the trend

10 must-do’s this season

Summer is more than the beach and backyard barbeques.    

Give these fun activities a try

Bad breath is nothing new

Our ancestors have been fighting for freshness since ancient times.   

See what techniques they tried

Dental benefits for college graduates

Graduation doesn’t have to mean losing your dental insurance.

Explore the ways to keep your coverage

Can gum disease cause Alzheimer’s?

A new study highlights a possible connection.

Learn the truth about the research

Should you take your teeth abroad for care?

Every year, thousands of Americans cross the border for dental care. But this practice isn’t for everyone.

Explore this growing dental trend

Spring is in the air

And so are the smiles! So, take advantage of the warmer weather.

Here are 10 ways

Does your baby need dental coverage?

Add this important step to your new baby checklist. 

Find out the reasons to choose dental

Tooth embellishments

Decorating teeth is older than you think.

Find out which cultures were pros at decorating teeth

5 tips for a fresher mouth

When you take on spring cleaning, don’t forget about your teeth.

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Tired of cavities?

Modern medicine may have your solution.

Check out the science

Boost more than your smile while you brush

Make fitness part of your brushing routine.

Try these simple exercises

Is brushing in the shower a good idea?

Brushing your teeth in the shower may have downsides.

Learn how to manage the risks

Don’t say no to H20

This humble beverage can lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Fill up your water bottle

When did you last floss?

If it’s been a while, don’t worry. Here’s how you can get back on track.

Check out these flossing tips


Caring for baby's smile

Your baby doesn't need a mouthful of teeth before you start thinking about oral health. See how you can start protecting baby's smile even before that first tooth arrives.

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