Winter recipes with the freshest produce

Seasonally delicious snacks

Craving something crunchy? Maybe something sweet? Try the flavors of the season.

Get the recipes now

Why is teledentistry so important?

It gives people who struggle to visit their dentists virtual access to the care they need, with much less hassle.

Find out how teledentistry helps expand access

’Tis the season for comfort food

Treat yourself with this cheesy and delicious broccoli frittata recipe.

Get ready to cook

When was your last vacation?

Escaping workplace demands gives you time for leisure, stress relief and oral health care needs. 

Balance your life with PTO

5 stages in your kids’ oral health education

See your kids’ confidence grow as they learn to take care of their teeth.

Teach your kids how to brush and floss

Ideas and activities to make you smile this winter

Don’t let the cold weather get you down this season.

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Mmm, it’s a good day for soup

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than making yourself a delicious meal for dinner.

Try these immunity boosting soups

Don’t let the dental information you need get lost in translation

Learn how the Language Assistance Program can help.

Read about your plan’s benefits in your language

Tips for a healthy house and a healthy mouth

Household germs and bacteria can take a toll on your oral health. Dr. Dill has some great tips to keep your home healthy this winter.

Learn what you can to do to protect your teeth and gums

Wake up your morning routine

You can be more productive by preparing your mind and body for action. 

Prepare for a great day in five steps

The peculiar history of the fruitcake

Ancient recipes, 100-year-old cakes, and beef legs? All chapters in the weird, wild history of the fruitcake.

Learn more about this hefty holiday treat

Let's celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month

Whether you feel like learning Spanish or cooking a Milanesa, check out these great suggestions for celebrating Hispanic culture in the U.S.

Start learning and celebrating Hispanic culture

Open enrollment — what you should know

Knowing which dental coverage to choose can be confusing. Here’s what you should know.

Learn what to consider before you enroll for benefits

Detecting diabetes from signals in your mouth

High blood sugar can cause cavities, dry mouth, infections and gum disease.

Use preventive exams to detect diabetes

The sweetest and spookiest holiday

Halloween is more than just dressing up in costume and eating candy.

Find out why we dress up in costumes and trick-or-treat

Returning to the dentist

Learn what services and equipment are provided and what they may cost.

See what you should expect

The State of the Brush

What if your teeth could regenerate? Sooner or later, they might! Learn about exciting new advances in dental technology. 

Glimpse the possibilities

How a teledentistry visit works

Learn steps to make your exam effective.

Prepare for your teledentistry visit

Get ready for fall, the fun way!

From leaf piles to door monsters, celebrate the last hurrah before winter.

Start those spooky crafts

Need a new dentist?

Finding a dentist isn’t always easy. We list a few ways to find the best person to keep your smile healthy and protected during COVID-19. 

Protect your health and your smile

One sweet burger

When you think sweet potatoes, you don’t think burgers. But maybe you should.

Learn how just a few ingredients can turn a sweet potato into a savory, sizzling burger

Advice to manage stress this fall

Has the world got you feeling stressed?

Read Dr. Dill’s tips now

The 5-step guide to maintaining your toothbrush

Learn how to care for your primary dental tool.

Maintain your toothbrush to ensure dental health

Nervous about going back to the dentist?

Our resident expert Dr. Croley offers insight on visiting the dentist amid the pandemic.

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Is light-activated whitening safe for my teeth?

There are many teeth-whitening products, including some that use light. But do they do more harm than good?

Learn which products are safe — and which aren’t

…Can your smile get high?

Learn the effects of marijuana usage on your teeth, mouth and gums.

Read before you toke

The Tooth Fairy: A magical history

Burning teeth. Magical mice. The weird, surprising history of the Tooth Fairy.

Learn fascinating facts about the Tooth Fairy

10 ways to stay busy during summer

Get physical or be creative; it’s up to you.

Pick your activity from the list

Get outside and have some fun

Here are some great tips to keep your kids entertained all summer long.

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Do food allergies affect oral health?

You can manage allergies and still keep a healthy smile.

Learn about allergies and oral health

The 3D revolution in dental care

How do a scanner and printer make dental procedures easier and faster?

Know the facts about this innovative system

Aching teeth, aching head

Can poor oral health lead to an increase in headaches?

Learn the connection

Are you an indoors or outdoors person?

Get physical or be creative; it’s up to you.

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10 top tips to keep you busy this spring

With these inspiring ideas, you won’t get bored.

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Your new favorite kebabs

Tender, bite-sized chicken and well-seasoned vegetables combine in an irresistible snack.

Fire up the grill

My child needs to have a tooth pulled — now what?

Having a tooth extracted can be a scary situation for your kids. Here’s what you can do to help.

Learn what to ask your child’s dentist

4 oral health issues when sleeping

Control bacteria, dry mouth, snoring and teeth grinding with a nightly regimen.

Take these precautions for healthier sleep

Is your burger eating your teeth?

Burgers taste great, but they can be bad news for your oral health. Learn how to create a burger that both you and your smile will love.

Create a smile-friendly burger

The 5-year regimen for good dental health

These six habits can preserve your long-term oral health.

Avoid dental issues through a preventive care regimen

Dr. Croley’s tips on social distancing

Find out your options for receiving oral care without increasing the risk of exposure to the coronavirus.

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